Specialist Services

A unified project solution

Client commitment and successful project delivery is the core of our business.

Complementing our core services we provide a range of engineering, project management and cost management services. 

This enables Global Documentation to provide a unified project solution and deliver a tailor made service to meet your project’s needs.

We achieve this via our network of specialist affiliates that have been developed through years of fast-track, high-pressured, high-value projects within the banking and commercial sectors. Our relationships with our affiliates enable us to provide a complete project team ranging from building services concept design through to project completion via project management, cost management, construction management and H&S and CDM15.

The overall benefit for our clients is that they get the specialist services required for an effective project delivery without the big corporation overheads, bureaucracy and red tape - with the luxury of speaking and dealing directly with the personnel delivering the project.


Specialised services include

Integrated System Test (IST)         

Review/produce comprehensive IST documentation to provide safeguards and enhanced system availability;

Single point of failure (SPOF)

Review all critical systems for Single Point of Failure;

Mission-Critical Facilities Design Standards (MCFDS) 

The primary mission of the MCFDS is to establish design and operational standards and policies that will provide safeguards and enhanced system availability;

Optimisation of Building and plant operation;

Design of Mechanical, electrical and public health services;

Thermal modelling and Energy analysis

Mechanical, electrical and public health;

Advise on Energy management of Building and plant operation;

BIM (Building Information Modelling)     

CAD of future projects. All BIM/IFC information can be produced/stored and viewed in our edms platform;

Technical support

Record information, mechanical, electrical and public health services.


In addition, we can:

Produce client's brief;

Assist the client in producing budget cost sheet/programme and get project approval;

Assist the client's in producing project Execution Plan;

Produce client's RFP for structural, MEP and architectural works;

Attend tender and mid-tender presentations and form part of awarding the project to consultants and contractors;

Critique MEP, structural, architectural, security and IT consultants design;

Liaise with Client’s internal IT, Security departments, etc;

During construction stage, critique construction work and ensure all works are installed to design/specification, programme and budget;

Provide a high level concept design, calculations and comment on areas needed for potential customers’ requirements;

Provide a lead role in the delivery of the MEP design and maintain a close relationship with MEP, contractor and architect to get up-front advice for budgets;

Work with Client’s QS to produce a project budget for business approval;

Focus on contractor management and performance and develop project management systems, procedures and processes to ensure that external consultants and Client’s internal team interface to ensure successful delivery of projects.

Building Information Services

We provide proprietary tools for building information storage, record information management, and record information production.

Validation & Surveys

We produce schematic drawings to validate M&E systems, services drawings, operation and maintenance manuals.

FM Technical Support

Includes asset capturing, asset register production, documentation standardisation and the development of maintenance guidelines.

Building Energy Certification

We offer a full range of crucial Building Energy Certification services, the full details of which can be found here