RImanage is an online record information management and collation tool for the production of O&M Manuals, H&S Files, As-built drawings, etc. which allows for communication between all stakeholders in the production of the record information, so creating an online document hub and project tracker.

Be in control of the ongoing production of your project record information. RImanage means you always have up-to-date information on progress and are able to review information quality at any time. RImanage enables you to highlight when problems are occurring with an interactive traffic light system.

RImanage has many benefits, including:

  • Greater access to information streamlining and mobilising project communication and documentation;
  • Working from the latest revisions;
  • Version control;
  • Transparency control;
  • Better coordination of geographically dispersed team members;
  • Capture of information for re-use in later stages of projects;
  • Controlled involvement of peripheral stakeholders.

Key features

  • Project calendar
  • Documentation progress monitoring using the RAG system for:
  1. Issue of trade package information
  2. Manual structure
  3. Information technical review

When documentation is required for a meeting you have it all, instantly available in a detailed, single printout.


(Record Information electronic document management system)

Getting in control of your building information couldn’t be easier. Our system brings transparency to your O&M manuals and record drawings. We turn your electronic and hard copy information into searchable usable information.



(Record Information write)

High quality manuals are an integral part of understanding how any building works. We produce electronic and hard copy manuals with only the information that is relevant to your building (not pages and pages of irrelevant manufactures literature), to complement you’re electronic and hard copy archives. Whether it be for on-going projects or creating a master up to date manual we can also review and update your record drawing. For more information on surveys and drawing click the link below.



(Intelligent Asset)

IAsset is more than just an asset sheet, as well as bringing transparency to your installed building services it highlights statutory requirements so helping manage risk.  IAsset provides greater accuracy in developing a Capital Investment Plan by bringing intelligence into predicting life expectancy of assets.