The RIedms platform brings accessibility and transparency to your building information and has been designed and developed by engineers with adaptability at its core:

  • Structure – The RIedms comes with an easy to use intuitive interface which, if required, can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Search – Depending on the size and complexity of the information, search requirements can be adjusted and focused on what is important to you.
  • Hosting – Due to the way in which the core of the RIedms has been developed there are several methods of hosting the system: web based on your company SharePoint platform; The Global Documentations secure SharePoint platform; on a local PC or intranet.


  • Puts you in control of your record information, brings transparency to O&M manuals and record drawings in an organised and easy to follow structure.
  • Allows you to search your entire building information in seconds rather than your hard copy archive in hours or maybe even days.
  • Reduces project costs when contractors require drawings and commissioning information for new projects.
  • Statutory documentation can be stored and retrieved in seconds.
  • Provides a place to store all new project information so it doesn’t go missing, which allows staff to research the systems that have been installed.
  • Allows for easy printing of drawings or parts of drawings.
  • Ability to email drawings at the touch of a button.
  • Allows identification of missing information or duplicate out of date information.
  • For peace of mind your hard copy archives are scanned by an ISO27001 compliant company for maximum security.


Key features

  • Can run on SharePoint sites or from a local PC or intranet.
  • Powerful search facility allows quick access to information.
  • Easy to understand interface usable by anyone with basic IT knowledge.
  • Structured as typical manuals and drawings so a very familiar interface.
  • Never more than three clicks from main information. Only ever one click from the home page.


(Record Information write)

High quality manuals are an integral part of understanding how any building works. We produce electronic and hard copy manuals with only the information that is relevant to your building (not pages and pages of irrelevant manufactures literature), to complement you’re electronic and hard copy archives. Whether it be for on-going projects or creating a master up to date manual we can also review and update your record drawing. For more information on surveys and drawing click the link below.



(Record Information management))

Be in control of the production of your project record information. Always have up-to-date information on progress, be able to review information quality, highlight when problems are occurring with an interactive traffic light system.



(Intelligent Asset)

IAsset is more than just an asset sheet, as well as bringing transparency to your installed building services it highlights statutory requirements so helping manage risk.  IAsset provides greater accuracy in developing a Capital Investment Plan by bringing intelligence into predicting life expectancy of assets.