Building Information Suite

Building Information Suite

Our building information services are a complete suite, the components of our system designed to cover all aspects of information storage, management and production.

They include client branding, intuitively structured folder libraries, the ability to tag and categorise documents, tight integration with established Microsoft Office apps and easy publishing.

For the first time ever, you will have absolute control and oversight thanks to our online calendar, task management module and reporting tools.

Play the video to see an example of the difference our systems make and read more about the components of our Suite below.


(Record Information electronic document management system)

Getting in control of your building information couldn’t be easier. Our system brings transparency to your O&M manuals and record drawings. We turn your electronic and hard copy information into searchable, usable information.



(Record Information write)

High quality manuals are an integral part of understanding how any building works. We produce electronic and hard copy manuals with only the information that is relevant to your building (not pages and pages of irrelevant manufacturers literature), to complement your electronic and hard copy libraries, either for on-going projects or creating a master up-to-date manual. We can also review and update your record drawings. 



(Record Information Management)

Be in control of the production of your project record information. Always have up-to-date information, be able to review information quality and highlight when problems are occurring with an interactive traffic light system.



(Intelligent Asset)

IAsset is more than just an asset sheet, as well as bringing transparency to your installed building services it highlights statutory requirements so helping manage risk.  IAsset provides greater accuracy in developing a Capital Investment Plan by bringing intelligence into predicting life expectancy of assets.



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