Risk Management


If you knew when a disaster was certain to befall you, you’d be certain to avoid it, wouldn’t you?

Well, you can.

The most important tools in mitigating risk are knowledge and preparedness. That’s why here at Global Documentation we provide a number of services that change an unforeseen problem into a seen one, allowing you to do something about it before it becomes a serious incident.

The most comprehensive package we offer is our full RIedms service but we also offer a smoke/fire damper review and verification survey and can also create master versions of all your existing O&M manuals and schematics, or simply verify the accuracy of existing ones.

We can also produce schematics showing critical valve locations, either from scratch or by updating existing schematics.

Finally, we can provide a SPOF (Single Point of Failure) Analysis, producing a detailed report capturing all MEP Single Point of Failures. The report includes marked up schematics, a full description of all SPOFs and an easy to follow risk matrix of likelihood vs impact of each individual SPOF.

Whatever your need, we offer a service that fits the bill. Read on for more detail on each of these services and when you’re ready, either call or drop us a line.


We offer a smoke/fire damper review and verification survey.

As part of our survey and validation services we provide a smoke and fire damper desktop and visual survey. In essence, our experience has shown that the following issues arise more than one would like:

  • record drawings incorrect and not showing true location of fire dampers
  • record drawings not updated to show moves, changes and refurbishment works
  • smoke and fire dampers are not accessible and could not possibly have been maintained
  • smoke and fire dampers not correctly captured on asset registers

We have extensive site and design experience in this field and have previously been commissioned by other organisations to assess their compliance status.


  • Desktop study
    • review record drawings for locations
    • review record drawings for fire zones
    • review asset register for quantities and how they are captured
    • review maintenance regime for compliance
  • Site visual surveys
    • smoke/fire damper locations in relation to record drawings
    • smoke/fire damper accessibility for maintenance
    • review ductwork where penetrations are made through fire walls to ensure smoke/fire dampers or fire rated ductwork has been used
  • Design work
    • where smoke/fire dampers have accessibility issues we can produce design alteration drawings to alleviate the issue.


  • Report highlighting all observations in the form of:
    • Written report including executive summery
    • Damper schedules
    • Photographic survey drawings
    • Risk matrix – Likelihood vs impact
    • Design drawings showing required alterations (if Client requests this service)
    • Risk Register


The RIedms platform brings accessibility and transparency to your building information and has been designed and developed by engineers with adaptability at its core:

  • Structure – The RIedms comes with an easy to use intuitive interface which, if required, can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Search – Depending on the size and complexity of the information, search requirements can be adjusted and focused on what is important to you.
  • Hosting – Due to the way in which the core of the RIedms has been developed there are several methods of hosting the system: web based on your company SharePoint platform; The Global Documentations secure SharePoint platform; on a local PC or intranet.

Also helps identify missing information via high level desktop Gap analysis. Organises information into date order to allow determining relevance.


The Master Versions service is designed to create a one-stop reference for all existing O&M manuals and/or drawings, especially Schematics.

We create a single, up-to-date and editable O&M manual/schematics document that captures historical projects and legacy changes all in one place.

You can find the information you need quickly, viewing a fully comprehensive version of all your manuals and schematics.

When your information is spread over several schematics and documents produced from various contractors and various projects, the danger is that you will miss something or worse, be unable to find it.

A Master version negates that risk, saving you valuable time and money.

No more searching through historic projects trying to identify the most recent information. Everything is up-to-date in you Master version.


The Verify service confirms the accuracy of existing O&M manuals and/or existing Schematics.

Taking the form of a comprehensive site survey, we check your existing documentation against what is actually on site and correct any inaccuracies in the existing documentation.

Often, existing site information is incorrect due to the original not being checked and signed off at the construction phase, a practice more common than one would expect in prestigious buildings.

In the event of a site incident, actions based on incorrect information may have created the incident or could create an even more serious escalation of the incident. This simple check minimises the possibility of an incident escalating as the actions taken will be based on correct, up-to-date information.


Although we’ve singled out valve locations for this service, it works for electrical systems, cooling systems or any other critical M&E system by highlighting critical valve locations in a schematic format.

We also provide critical valve schedules and create a floor key plan highlighting physical locations.

This also ensures maintenance procedures and statutory regulations are met.

As with other key systems, this information is very often spread over several documents and never normally in one place. The ability to have crucial information in a single place allows for a quicker response in the event of an incident.



A single point of failure (SPOF) is an element or part of a system for which no backup (redundancy) exists and the failure of which will disable the entire system. SPOFs are undesirable in any system with a goal of high availability or reliability.

Our SPOF Analysis provides you with a detailed report capturing MEP Single Point of Failures. The report includes: -

  • Marked up schematics
  • Description of SPoFs
  • Risk matrix of Likeliness vs Impact against each SPoF
  • Suggested means to overcome SPoF

Understanding SPoF is crucial for any building, especially a critical environment. Our analysis consolidates MEP Building risks in an easy to understand format - using RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status - for action and discussion.

The ability to understand single point of failures within your building enables all issues to be captured within risk registers and dealt with in order of importance.

For these or any of our services simply contact us through our ‘About Us’ page on the top menu.



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