What! No case studies?

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are a fact of life in our business.

They are why we don’t have named case studies on our website - although you can see a list of some of our clients below.

However, we can still show you the benefits of our platforms and services and how our systems save you more time, money and stress than you may realise. We can describe what we did, just not name who we did it for.

Also, we’ve created a video to show you what happens in the event of an ‘incident’ on-site – a chiller failure in this case – and how having our RIedms platform is vital for the speedy and secure resolution of problems.


Real World Applications

  • 1


    The client wanted its full range of documentation made instantly accessible to all key stakeholders.They also have requested an in-depth search facility to enable specific …Read More »
  • 2


    The project was to create an searchable electronic archive to store all the record information from the newly constructed manufacturing facility. The system is totally updatable …Read More »
  • 3


    The project was to create a RIedms platform to archiving MEP, structural and Architectural drawings for a major building upgrade project. The client is one of …Read More »
  • 4


    Update an existing RIedms platform and include new information from updated projects. The client is an engineering company that manufactures and distributes luxury automobiles and …Read More »

Real World Applications

  • 5


    Manage all project record information for the Bank's European HQ.  The client is one of the world's largest banking organisations. Manage all project record information for …Read More »
  • 6


    Add all remaining sites within the UK and EMEA were added to the RIedms platform we had installed on an earlier job for this client. …Read More »
  • 7


    To digitally capture all Shell & Core and project information, then catalogue, process and upload for use by the Client and their FM provider. The client …Read More »
  • 8


    To obtain all electronic information located on the Client's share drive. All information was then catalogued, processed and uploaded for use for the Client and …Read More »