I Asset

IAsset is an interactive asset system which can be tailored to your needs or adapted around your existing register. The scope of the system goes from a very basic register which automatically generates an asset reference code from predefined information, to registers that highlight statutory maintenance requirements and economic life expectancy prediction. All systems create industry standard reference documentation.
The key benefits are:-

  • Brings clarity to the quantity and expected life of the installed plant within a building;
  • Allows for more accurate planning of Capital Investment Plan (CIP) using a RAG status; Red needs attention now, Amber may require replacing within the next 5 years, green not within the next 5 years;
  • Supports governance around statutory obligations, maintenance requirements and frequencies;
  • Major complex plant items are broken down into Parent and Child relationship to clarify maintenance and replacement requirements;
  • More accurate production of plant replacement risk register.

IAsset components split into two distinct sections: Site and Desktop based tasks. 

Have a look at the charts below to get a feel for the range of components offered within IAsset and then check out the scenarios below to see how easy the modular system makes it to determine what you need.

Site Based TasksSite Based TasksSite Based Tasks
Asset Verification SurveyAsset Register
Asset Condition SurveyReport and Data Sheets
Dilapidation SurveyReport and Data Sheets
Asset TaggingAsset Register and Report


Desktop TasksSite Based TasksSite Based Tasks
Asset Coding StructureAsset Register and Coding Structure Template
Asset Life Cycle Analysis (CIBSE Part M)Asset Register incorporating Asset RAG status on 5-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP)
Asset PPM GAP Analysis (SFG20)Asset Register incorporating Asset PPM Frequencies. This requires the Client to have an SFG20 Licence.
Asset Statutory GAP Analysis (SFG20)Asset Register incorporating Asset PPM Frequencies. This requires the Client to have an SFG20 Licence.

Below we have reproduced some of the most frequent scenarios requiring IAsset.
The modular system makes it easy to see exactly what it is you need.


Acquiring an existing building

Asset Verification

Asset Life Cycle and Capital Investment Plan

Asset Maintenance and Statutory Compliance Review

* = optional

Global Documentation offer a full asset review and with the assistance from the on-site operation staff we facilitate all economic factors to each asset.
This ultimately provides the client/end user with a better understanding of when an asset will reach the end of its economic life and when to consider plant replacement.
We incorporate and continually monitor best practice and latest industry guidelines to ensure our knowledge centre and in-house tools are always up to date.
We are fully conversant in the latest CIBSE M publication, in particular Appendix 12.A1: Indicative economic life expectancy.

To further add intelligence and statutory safeguards we incorporate maintenance data from SFG20. (Subscription to appropriate SFG20 licence is required to use this facility).
By applying this data into asset sheets it provides the tools to produce a very accurate cost analysis look-ahead for capital replacement and detailed Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and Statutory requirements.