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Client: Standard Chartered Bank, Multi-site
Project: RIe-dms Platform and O&M Advisory Services

Global Documentation has migrated all of Standard Chartered Banks hard copy record information stored throughout their UK headquarters and has implemented it onto their bespoke secure online RIe-dms platform.
The system is now being expanded across several sites in the UK and in Europe.

Client: TelecityGroup, multi-site
Project: RIe-dms Platform

Global Documentation has migrated all of TelecityGroups hard copy record information stored throughout their data centres in Harbour Exchange.

Client: Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Chichester car assembly plant
Project: RIe-dms Platform

Production of prototype electronic O&M Manual (e-dms) for complete facility encompassing all documents and drawings and was the inspiration to form Global Documentation.
The manual is still in use and has been updated as the facility has changed and expanded.

Client: Johnson Controls, Murray House
Project: RIe-dms Platform

The refurbishment of Murray House consisted of an infrastructure upgrade, floor fit out and computer rooms upgrade.
This e-dms has been expanded for other major projects including chiller renewal and is in continual use by the Facilities and Management Team.

Client: Royal Bank Scotland
Project: Single Point of Failure (SPOF) project

A RIe-dms platform was installed to record and monitor the ongoing SPOF project. The manual stored all management documentation, reports and rectification information for the SPOF projects in order to record and provide accessible and timely information for Facilities Management team.

Client: Melia, MELondon, Strand
Project: Record information management

Global Documentation was contracted to manage the delivery of 28 trade package’s record information and the delivery of electronic O&M manual for 5 star hotel the Strand, London.