To digitally capture all Shell & Core and project information, then catalogue, process and upload for use by the Client and their FM provider.

The Client

The client is one of the world's largest banking organisations.

The Project

To digitally capture all Shell & Core and project information . All of the building's information was in hard copy format which required digitally capturing and processing.

All information was then catalogued, processed and uploaded for use for by Client and their FM provider.


The Client now has an externally hosted RIedms platform within SharePoint 2013. The search facility built into this platform sources information very precisely and instantly with the added benefit of having a document preview built into the side panel of the search. This feature allows the end user to quickly browse documents prior to opening.

As well as the FM provider saving time hunting for information from the hard copy archive, the projects team saves time and survey resource as they send pertinent information directly to the Contractor or provide them external access to the areas of the system they require.

Building Type

Financial European HQ which comprises of 4 buildings in the centre of London

Archive Space

FM Archive room

Quality of Information

Good condition


Client's SharePoint System (2007 SharePoint)


We had to redevelop some key aspects of our RIedms platform so it could be integrated effectively into an older SharePoint site. We had to work very closely with the Client's SharePoint administrator/s to achieve this seamlessly.

Time Taken

6 weeks