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Global Documentation is comprised of a core team of highly experienced engineers, offering both consultancy and practical services. Because every clients’ needs are different, we are structured to take an individual approach to every project.

Incorporating specialist affiliates where necessary affords us an unprecedented flexibility, sourcing the right, high-quality individual who remains throughout the length of the contract. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of specialised engineering and facilities management services.

Whether you are constructing, refurbishing or managing a commercial building we offer an exciting range of key services, from project managing record information, validation and surveys, project and facilities management, through to design and energy modelling.

A more comprehensive breakdown of our individual services are available throughout website to give you a feel of exactly what we can do for you.

The Building Information Services Suite

Building Information is a vital part of managing a building, so it makes sense to be interested right from the start in its production to ensure you get high quality, well-structured documentation.

RIedms - Bring transparency to your O&M manuals and record drawings. We turn your electronic and hard copy information into searchable information.

RImanage - Always have up-to-date information, review information quality and highlight when problems occur with an interactive traffic light system.

IAsset - More than just an asset sheet, it brings clarity to your installed building services as well as highlighting statutory requirements, so helping manage risk.

Take a look at our brief introductory video below, see the rest of them and try the demo site here.



How the Suite can help you

The complexity of running single or multiple sites means that the need for proper documentation is never more apparent than when an emergency crops up.

In the following example, two sites have the same problem occur – a chiller failure with the potential to have a severe effect on site performance.

Grace, the Facilities Manager for Site One has had the foresight to use Global Documentation’s Building Information Suite.

David, the Facilities Manager for Site Two decided that proper documentation management wasn’t a priority.

See what happens by watching the video below, then read more about the Suite here. 


Try the demo

The best way to understand our system is to use it.

That's why we've provided an online demo and step-by-step video guides to show you how it works and its best features.

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Building Information Suite Pricing

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